Scripts Setup

Before starting to use scripts, one has to set them up. Working parameters common for all scripts are stated in the terminal settings window. This window can be opened by the “Tools — Options” menu command or by pressing of accelerating keys of Ctrl+O. To set up script parameters, one has to open the “Expert Advisors” tab. Only five options influence the operation of scripts:

  • Allow live trading
    Like experts, scripts can work in automated mode. They can both analyze price changes and trade. This option is intended for limiting of trading functions of scripts and expert advisors.

  • Ask manual confirmation
    The “Ask manual confirmation” option is only activated if scripts are allowed to trade. If this option is enabled and the script tries to perform a trade operation, one will be able to either confirm it or stop it manually. In other words, manual confirmation allows to control over trading activities of experts and scripts.

  • Allow DLL imports
    To have their functionalities enlarged, scripts can use DLLs. If this option is enabled, the libraries can be used without any limitations. If this option is disabled, no script will be able to use any external DLLs.

  • Confirm DLL function calls
    This option can only be enabled if DLLs are allowed to be imported. It assist to control over each called function execution manually. If it is disabled, import from external libraries will not be controlled.

  • Allow external experts imports
    If, at the script operation, there is a need to import functions from other expert or MQL4 libraries, this option must be enabled. If it is disabled, no script will be able to call functions from other MQL4 programs.