Client Terminal Settings

Client Terminal is generally set up in a special window that can be called by the “Tools — Settings” menu command or with accelerating keys Ctrl+O. All settings are grouped according to their tasks and located in the following tabs:

  • Server — setting up parameters of connection to the server, configuring of the used proxy server and Data Centers, as well as other important settings;

  • Charts — general setting of the displaying of price charts. It is possible to detect whether period separators, Ask-price level, OHLC line will be shown. Besides, the amount of bars stored and displayed on the chart can be defined in this tab;

  • Objects — setting up parameters of objects management. Selection of object after they have been created, their immediate setting, and docking parameters are defined here;

  • Trade — parameters of opening new orders by default. They include: financial instrument (symbol), the amount of lots and deviation;

  • Expert Advisors — settings common for all experts. They include: locking of operation for expert advisors, enabling of importing functions from external DLL libraries and advisors, as well as a number of other features;

  • Email — setting up email parameters. If there is a necessity to send messages by email directly from the terminal, the parameters of the mailbox to be used must be set up;

  • Publisher — setting up publishing reports in internet. The terminal allows to publish reports in the real-time mode that contain information about the account status in internet. Connection through ftp is used for this purpose that can be set up in this tab;

  • Events — setting up signals informing about system events. Signals informing about connection unavailability, news incomes, and others, simplify the work very much.

Client Terminal Settings