Trade Tab

Settings used for orders opening are grouped in this tab. Parameters input here facilitate opening of orders and cannot cause critical changes in the terminal operation.

  • Symbol by Default
    The “Symbol by default” option allows to define the symbol value in the “Order” window automatically when a trading operation is performed. The “Automatic” parameter means that the active chart symbol will be set in this field, the “Last used” — the symbol of the latest trade operation. For the same symbol to be set repeatedly, the “Default” parameter must be enabled, and the necessary symbol chosen from the list.

  • Lots by Default
    In the similar way, the initial amount of lots can be defined (“Lots by default” option): “Last used” is a parameter used in the previous operation, and “by default” is a constant, manually set value.

  • Deviation
    The symbol price can change within the ordering time. As a result, the price of the prepared order will not correspond with the market one, and position will not be opened. The “Deviation” option helps to avoid this. Maximum permissible deviation from the value given in the order can be specified in this field. If prices do not correspond, the program will modify the order by itself what allows to open a new position.