Contract Specification

This message window allows to view securities contract specifications. The main parameters are grouped in table with following fields:

  • Spread — difference between Bid and Ask prices in points;

  • Digits — the amount of digits after decimal point in the price representation;

  • Stops level — minimum distance to the current price in points at which Stop Loss and Take Profit orders can be placed;

  • Pendings are good till cancel — forced closing of pending orders at the end of a session. “Yes” means that pending orders will not be closed forcedly;

  • Contract size — one-lot price in deposit currency;

  • Tick price — the size of minimal price change in quote currency;

  • Tick size — minimal symbol price change interval in points;

  • Profit calculation mode — accepted profit calculation technique (Forex, CFD, Futures);

  • Swap type — rollover calculation type (in points, in deposit currency, or in per cents);

  • Swap long — rollover size for a long position;

  • Swap short — rollover size for a short position;

  • Margin calculation mode — accepted free margin calculation technique (Forex, CFD, Futures)

  • Margin hedge — size of margin for hedged positions.

The symbol specification window can be called by pressing of “Properties” button in the Market Watch window or the “Symbol properties” of the “Tester — Settings” window.

Contract Specification