Administrators of dealing centers who would like to redirect the clients’ traffic forcedly have a new opportunity now. The Data Center used by the client terminal can be strictly defined using the configuration file named datacenter.ini. This file must be placed in the /config directory of the client terminal.

If the “Data Center auto configuration” is flagged in the server settings, there will be an attempt to open and analyze the datacenter.ini file. If a data center for the server will be found in this file, the connection will be performed exactly to it. No more than one data center can be defined for one server.

The string format of the datacenter.ini:

[server name][delimiter][data center address]


  • server name is the name of the corresponding .srv file;

  • delimiter is a comma or any quantity of spaces;

  • data center address is the IP address : port number.

Lines that start with a semicolon (;) are considered to be a comment and are not processed.

Exemplary datacenter.ini file:

    ;----------------    ;comment    ;----------------    MetaQuotes-demo1    MetaQuotes-demo2,    ;----------------    MetaQuotes-demo3    MetaQuotes-demo4,