Window Menu

Commands managing the chart windows are collected in this menu. The way of charts arrangement in the workspace can be chosen or a new chart window can be opened from here:

  • New Window — create a new symbol chart window. At this command execution, a sub-menu will open that contains a list of symbols available. Having selected a symbol name from this list, one can open the corresponding chart.
    A new window can also be opened by pressing the Meta Trader tb standard new chart Window button of the “Standard” toolbar or by the command of the “File — New Chart” menu;

  • Cascade — arrange the chart windows in stages;

  • Tile Horizontally — arrange the chart windows horizontally;

  • Tile Vertically — arrange the chart windows vertically;

  • Arrange Icons — arrange minimized windows. At that, windows of all open charts are minimized and located in the lower part of the workspace. This is useful when one works with a number of charts at the same time.

A list of all open chart windows is located in the lower part of this menu. The current window is checked. To activate another chart, one has to select the corresponding symbol from this list.