News Tab

The list of income news is stored in the “News” tab. The news topics are represented as a table and arranged according to the incoming time. The news incoming time, its topic and category are published in the table. This list is updated automatically at incoming of the latest news.

The following commands are available in the context menu:

  • View — view the selected news. One can also read news by double-click with the left mouse button on the topic;

  • Copy — copy the news to the clipboard;

  • Category — show/hide the “Category” column;

  • Auto Arrange — automatic arrangement of columns when changing of the window size;

  • Grid — show/hide grid to separate columns.

  • If there is no “News” tab in the “Terminal” window, it means that no news have income yet.
  • If the “Enable news” option is disabled in terminal settings, news will not income.
  • If the given account has no appropriate rights, this can be one of the reasons why news do not income or cannot be viewed.