Journal Tab

Messages about the expert testing process, including all trade operations, are published in the “Journal” tab automatically. This journal is rather similar to that of the “Terminal — Expert Advisors” window, except for that messages informing about expert testing, but not its working at the market , are published in this Tester Journal. After the expert has been tested, these data will be output in the separate /TESTER/LOGS directory. The tester journal files are stored in the /EXPERTS/LOGS directory, filenames being correspondent with the date of logs — YYYYMMDD.LOG. To view the stored logs, one has to execute the “Open” contest menu command and select a necessary file. To copy the message to the clipboard, one has to execute the context menu command of the same name. The “Delete All” command allows to delete all the logs from the directory and cleans this tab. This can be useful to clean the hard disk of too many files.

More details can be found in the sections of “Testing of Expert Advisors” and “Optimization”.